Our Story:
Our 16 years of experience in replicating elements under our parent company Compoclay, has produced industry leading techniques with superior quality texture and detailing. Over these years we created thousands of private label and branded products for many retailers inclusive of national retailers, hotel chains, and city agencies.
In 2019 we created the Hampton Mantels brand of mantel fireplace shelves using our patented material producing the finest non-wood, non-combustible fireplace mantel shelves in the marketplace.
Our material consists of combining natural and abundant minerals, sand, binders, inorganic salt and water. Combined, these materials create a non-combustible, low-VOC, fire toxin free, environmentally green product that has high strength like cement. Our material makes it easily molded for complex shapes and detailed surface definitions. Because of how we produce the mantels, we can create textures unlike our competitors.

Each mantel is fire safe and if needed allows for shallower clearance from the fireplace. By creating a mold from reclaimed wood beams we save trees normally used for wood mantels; this fortifies our green approach to business.
Our highly detailed wood grain and contemporary cement designs create a focal point for any wall or fireplace. You can now add the warmth and charm of a wood beam mantel to your home without the combustible dangers of real wood or other materials.
All Hampton Mantels replicate the look of real wood beams and smooth textured concrete. Each is hand-molded and intricately hand finished to meet our meticulous quality standards. When looking at the wood versions it’s nearly impossible to tell it’s not real wood.

Stay tuned in 2022 as we will have many new product introductions.