Why Hampton Mantels?

Hampton Mantels is a new, exciting brand of fireplace mantels that are designed to look and feel like real wood — without anybody noticing the difference. Even better, our highly-detailed wood grain and contemporary designs are composed of natural, non-combustible materials, making them safe, easy-to-install, and environmentally friendly without sacrificing quality or strength.

It’s impossible to tell they’re not real wood.

16 Years of Excellence

Hampton Mantels was created by our parent company CompoClay, a leading manufacturer of earth-friendly home and commercial products. Founded in 2004 to address concerns around sustainability and safety amongst existing materials in the home décor and building industry, they’ve worked with Crate&Barrel, Home Depot, Wynn Hotels and more forward-thinking companies to create beautiful products with sustainable materials that last a lifetime. Now they’re bringing their cutting-edge materials, experience and designs to the home market with Hampton Mantels

Why Hampton Mantels?

When you first see one of our mantels in person, you won’t believe it’s not real wood. Each mantel looks absolutely natural and unique, with highly detailed wood grains and textures. If you’re looking for a more contemporary mantel, we also make stone-like designs that would add the perfect focal point to any room. By combining natural raw materials like abundant minerals, sand, sea salt, water and more, we craft our mantels to include detailed surface definitions just like you’d find on real wood fireplace mantels. Our patented CompoClay material make these special fireplace mantels durable, super strong like cement and — if you’re planning to install one outside — weather resistant. Whether you choose one of our classic Bellevue models, or a rustic Hewed Timber piece, or even our stone-like Urban Fireplace Mantel, know that each mantel is hand-molded and intricately hand-finished to meet our meticulous quality standards.

Sustainability In Action

Hampton Mantels is 100% green. While some brands make non-wood mantels out of more traditional materials like polyurethane foam and glass-reinforced cement which have negative impact on human and environmental health, we use our patented revolutionary alternative called CompoClay. 

CompoClay was created after 7 years of research and development. The goal was to create a material with a low carbon footprint without the need to lower our standards of quality. Each of our mantels is formed using CompoClay and a mold created from reclaimed wood, then stained by hand to add details and highlighting the natural form found in the original wood piece.

All Hampton Mantels are non-combustible, low-VOC and free of all fire toxins. They’re also created with minimal manufacturing waste because we believe in creating a clean product life-cycle that protects limited resources.

Hampton Mantels carries a wide selection of natural-looking, non-wood fireplace mantels for every type of home. And since we’re different than our competitors, we’ve also made it super easy for you to purchase one of our fireplace mantels. If you’re unsure about which mantel to choose, you can purchase a color tile swatch of one of our finishes. Not sure about our straight-forward installation process? We have detailed installation instructions and video for each of our mantels that you can access right here on our site

You can see our complete collection of our fire place mantels and other products by clicking here.