Why Is Environmental Sustainability So Important to Hampton Mantels?

Environmental sustainability is something we at Hampton Mantels think about a lot - in fact it’s part of the reason why we even exist in the first place. Over 16 years ago our parent company was founded to address concerns around sustainability and safety in the home decor industry.

What they found was not shocking. 

Polyurethane foam, gypsum, and heavy metal content were just some of the materials companies were using to make their home decor products regardless of human and environmental impact. So after 7 years of research and development, our parent company introduced a patented revolutionary alternative to help lower our carbon footprint and protect our limited resources. They created an environmentally sustainable, raw material called CompClay that we use in all of our Hampton Mantels. 

Our Raw Materials

All of our mantels are made of the natural and abundant materials found in a mixture of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust. 

First there’s sea salt, a natural mineral that results from evaporated seawater, and H20, which covers over 70.9% of the world’s surface. Next are sand grains which are made up of finely divided rocks and minerals. We also use lightweight, non-toxic glass fibers to increase the physical strength of our mantels. Our mantels are virtually unbreakable. 

And since recycling is a huge part of creating a sustainable environment, our mantels also contain recycled coal combustion products. Instead of sending products made from coal to the landfills, Hampton Mantels reuses it, incorporating it into our fireplace mantels. 

All of these mineral compounds are used to protect our limited resources and promote environmental sustainability, but they also have an outstanding safety and durability record. 

Safety & Durability

Like environmentally sustainable organic food, sometimes environmentally sustainable products get a bad wrap. While we can’t account for the way our mantels taste, we do know that they are as safe and durable as any fireplace mantel made of real wood. 

All of our mantels are free of harmful fire toxins, heavy metals and asbestos. They are MAS Certified Green for low VOC-emission. You also don’t have to worry about your mantels breaking or cracking due to physical stress: the environmentally sustainably materials are almost as strong as cement. 

Today & Going Forward

Hampton Mantels is focused on being an environmentally responsible company not only with our fireplace mantels, but in the way we run our business.  

We’re a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a coalition of manufacturers and furniture designers that have banded together to raise awareness and promote environmentally sustainable business practices.  We’re also part of One Tree Planted, a wonderful organization that makes it easy for people to understand the importance of planting trees. For each mantel purchase, we plant a tree through One Tree Planted and can direct the area to be planted, such as fire-stricken California.

If you’re an organization that cares about environmental sustainability and you think that there’s a way Hampton Mantels can help, we’d love to hear about it.